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Organic Lubricant Dulce Yoni

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Have you been experiencing vaginal dryness resulting to painful sex? I understand that the experience can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. Sex from inception was meant to be enjoyable, pain free and your vagina should be a source of comfort! Have you considered some various lubes out there without much success? Worry not, the ultimate solution lies with this Organic lubricant. This infused organic lubricant is an all-round natural lube that has been developed from scratch using beneficial herbs and other eco-friendly ingredients. It is gentle and mild on the delicate lining of your vagina. It is 100% safe for your vagina with zero side effects having been developed from carefully selected natural ingredients.

This product is safe to use even for peoples that are not experiencing drying but tends to run out of lubrication due insufficient production of natural lubrication. It is perfect is ensuring that your vagina feels more moist reducing any discomfort resulting from vagina dryness.


This Organic infused rose petals lube presents the following beneficial aspects:


Designed for even the most sensitive skin types


This organic lubricant has been certified organic. It is free from toxins and chemicals that may be potentially unsafe to your sensitive vagina or anal lining. It is gentle, soothing and hypo allergic to the skin. It does not have any parabens, synthetic fragrance any synthetic addictive.


Its complete isotonic matching women's natural lubrication


This organic lubricant has isotonic pH that is a perfect match to the surrounding tissues. It does not affect the homeostasis of the surrounding cells and smooth muscle lining of the vagina making it a perfect iso-osmotic lubricant. This formula is meant to deodorize and hydrate at the same time leaving you feeling refreshed