Bronze Goddess.  Body Shimmer    #88 - Marmalade Body Products
Bronze Goddess.  Body Shimmer    #88 - Marmalade Body Products

Bronze Goddess. Body Shimmer #88

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“Bronze goddess” is your ultimate body shimmer oil that has been developed from scratch paying attention to every detail to offer you the desired signature glow and vibrancy to your skin's surface. It is presents a killer quality, a cut above the rest with a profound shimmering ability. It possesses unrivaled nourishing and hydrating properties to ensure your skin benefits besides helping project a unique glow by absorbing the natural pearlescent minerals from nature’s best. It presents a luxuriously scent and illuminates the skin with an exceptional glow while protecting your skin from radical damage. It is fit to wear to all manner of skin types, ranging from normal, dry or a combination of both a property that ensures that bronze goddess covers a large population of people with different skin presentations. It is lightweight and also fast absorbing. Some of the unique Bronze goddess attributes include;


Amazing shimmering effect


Bronze goddess has unmatched highlighting capabilities ending in a flawless, next to naked look. It is perfect in highlighting all the right places giving you a glamorous finish adding flair to an evening night out. The natural essential oil used in the natural ingredients contains shimmering, multifaceted pearls to give your skin a rich, multi-dimensional glow radiating from within. It can be applied on arms, legs, chest offering a sheer plush skin finish

Moisturizing effect

Bronze goddess offers great solution in moisturizing your skin and also adding a touch of sparkle and a hint of bronzing effect. This glow ensures that your skin remains hydrated tender but not dry and flaky.

Pleasant Smell

Bronze goddess transcends a pleasant irresistible fragrance. It is rich in summer fragrances that can be described as luminous, sweet and indulgent. A good and appealing scent is glue to connecting you to people and this shimmer is that glue you have been lacking. The bronze goddess amazing signature fragrant is tailored

to boost ones confidence, enhance your mood making every moment count, make you attractive and create a lasting impression to people you meet.

Fabulous Texture

The bronze goddess shimmer is super silky and reminiscent of dry oil giving you a superb texture

Incredibly good Wearability property

It dries relatively quickly, especially when spread using your hands giving you a lasting sparkling finish. Stays put even when exposed to water that makes it great pick for poolside party.

Sparkling glittering capabilities

Bronze goddess seeks to create a lasting sparkling finish by having a high intensity shiny shimmer with uniform pigmentation. It is guaranteed to give you elaborate contours on your body surfaces for a dramatic smoky party night look. It brings a creative and exquisite look that no one can fail to notice.

bronze goddess is all natural with Nature’s best having been manufactured using essential organic coconut oil as the main component. It is free of sulfates SLS and SLES, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, and triclocarban components that may poses some health harmful effects. It contains less than one percent of synthetic fragrances. This product is also vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in easy to apply recyclable packaging.

In conclusion, bronze goddess completely serves your intended amazing natural finish. It is good in texture and glittering abilities coupled with unmatched quality providing you with an impressive, silky sheer finish. It is cost effective and readily available from the official website where one can place an order and dispatch made immediately.